2019 Model Toyota Hiace LWB Van3

Attention All Courier Drivers!


It’s a quandary ...hire, buy, try, sign up, sell or walk away?

The transport industry has exploded, with changes to peoples buying habits being dictated by the convenience  of shopping on line.  Where retail shops are closing, the delivery of warehoused goods is booming and getting in amongst this growth industry might not be as hard as you might imagine.

There are many ways in which Complete Ute and Van Hire might assist.

SHORT TERM HIRE - If you have never been a courier driver before you might consider hiring a van or ute from Complete Ute and Van Hire for a day or two, or a week or two, just to test your suitability to the industry.  Similarly, by hiring short term it gives you the opportunity to cash in on upcoming busy periods (such as the Christmas / New Year season) without a massive up front cash outlay.

MEDIUM TERM HIRE – not only gives you a chance to test your suitability, but in addition, if you are considering buying a vehicle it gives you time to sit back and make an informed choice on the make, model and style of vehicle that will best suit your needs.  When making a decision on what vehicle suits best don’t just think about cheapest price but instead, think of whole of life cost of the vehicle.  Whole of life cost must include – cost of spare parts, availability of parts in the case of a repair, cost of purchase and potential trade in or salvage value once you have finished with it. Funny that sometimes quitting a vehicle and trading up while its running well is more economical than waiting for it to break down and selling it with an unreliable history.

LONG TERM HIRE - is another way in which Complete Ute and Van Hire might be of assistance.  Rego costs included, insurance paid (with a small excess applicable), worn tyres replaced when required, and servicing done with a replacement vehicle supplied … too easy.


No grief waiting for spare parts, no concern when costs of registration rise, and a fixed monthly cost that allows you to plan ahead with confidence.

Rental rates have been tailored in a way that gives you total flexibility … rates reduce as the term increases .

For example, if you are unable to commit to a rental time frame, then to make sure you are in control of your own situation:

You would be surprised to know how many people choose this flexible long term option.  No penalty for early return enables you to go away on an extended trip with short notice, leave the industry if a better opportunity arises, or return once you have the cash or confidence to buy your own vehicle.


Given the new models just released, Complete Ute and Van Hire have a range that is bigger than ever, including  the brand new Toyota Hiace Van in medium and super long wheelbase design (great van and oh so modern, it’s the shape of things to come),  Hyundai Iload diesel vans (the original double sliding door model),  the previous model petrol Hiace van (which must be the most reliable van ever)  and Toyota Hilux traytop utes (with a strong steel dropside tray) with most of the models available in automatic for ease of driving.

Ladder racks are available on vans, and in addition a triple rack system can be fitted on the traytop ute, giving even greater flexibility and more carrying options.  

All Complete Ute and Van Hire vehicles are registered as category 6 Hire drive ensuring your compliance with state authorities.  Certificates of insurance and certificates of registration validation can be supplied on request at no cost and our Company Logo door stickers can be also removed for a small fee.

While I just used the word  “small fee “ in my last sentence, it’s a term that I detest and you can be assured that if you choose to use Complete Ute and Van Hire then rates and conditions are fee free.

No credit card fees, no registration fees, no cleaning fees … just honest info and a system that gives you total flexibility.  You want to be carrying parcels not carrying the burden of an inflexible system or unknown fees and charges.

View and enquire online, phone 8234 1300 or call in to our office at 125 Holbrooks Road Underdale any day for a no obligation chat about the options that Complete Ute and Van Hire offer.