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adelaide airport

Hello Adelaide Airport

25 August 2022

While this little article will never get a vehicle on rent it’s a story worth telling. Recently I had the opportunity to fly interstate and left myself plenty of time just in case the rumours of chaos at the Australian Airports were true.Two hours prior to my flight should be plenty I thought and gu...

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mt little station south australia 1

Mount Little Station, Flinders Ranges

1 June 2022

A little over 20 kms North of Hawker in the Flinders Ranges is a creek crossing that some years back was the perfect spot for a free camp.Forget free camping for now, because next to that creek and at the end of a 3 or 4 km dirt driveway is the homestead and office to an outback sheep and cattle sta...

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Flinders Ranges 4WD Hire

Get out there and experience country South Australia

26 October 2020

In these strange COVID times, now is the time to have a look in your own backyard. Smaller house blocks, townhouse and unit living have all seen the demise of the good old fashioned backyard.Remember when you used to dig holes in the backyard, sleep outdoors, sit and marvel at the blue sky and eat f...

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Horseshoe Rim 002

Explore Horseshoe Rim, South Australia

3 September 2020

Given current circumstances people are flocking to South Australian destinations and experiencing all of the beauty our remote northern backyard has to offer.I’ve done the same and have visited country and remote regions more frequently than ever before ... there’s nothing too difficult about a long...

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Complete Ute and Van Hire Driving Goolwa Beach2

Driving Goolwa Beach

18 October 2019

Goolwa, a small town with a population of around 2500.  That number swells during school holidays, Christmas, Easter and in fact any long weekend during the year. Goolwa sits approximately 100 kms from Adelaide and is easily driven in an hour and a half or so, including a quick stop if you need.  Th...

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2019 Model Toyota Hiace LWB Van3

Attention All Courier Drivers!

4 September 2019

It’s a quandary ...hire, buy, try, sign up, sell or walk away?The transport industry has exploded, with changes to peoples buying habits being dictated by the convenience  of shopping on line.  Where retail shops are closing, the delivery of warehoused goods is booming and getting in amongst this gr...

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Driving Dirt Roads in a Hire Car

15 August 2019

Probably true to say that most of today’s modern vehicles are able to travel dirt roads, however… it’s not true to say that all rental vehicles are able to be driven on dirt roads .There are many ads online and on the TV spruiking the capabilities of SUVs and 4 wheel drives in off road situations bu...

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Copley Outback Motors Car Hire

Copley, a Hidden Gem in South Australia's Flinders Rangers

5 July 2019

It's located 570km's north of Adelaide, right at the very tip of the Flinders Ranges.It's a place that sits between the Flinders and the most remote areas of South Australia. It's Copley! Rarely featured in the news, Copley goes about it's business without any fuss and is currently run mostly by a g...

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Hire Vehicle for the Snow Complete Ute and Van Hire

Can I take one of Complete Ute and Van Hire’s hire vehicles to the snow country?

5 June 2019

Of course you can, but we suggest it would be best if you rented one of our Four Wheel Drive vehicles.  We also suggest when travelling to one of Australia’s Alpine areas it is also that you should be prepared for all weather conditions as the conditions can change with very little warning.If you ch...

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COMING SOON FOR RENT 2019 Toyota Hiace Van

Toyota 2019 Hiace Van, Coming Soon for Rent!

13 May 2019

It’s brand new, with massive differences between it and the previous model and if it’s as reliable as the current model Hiace Van … then bring it on!I have seen it, but not driven it, so my comments are speculative.The new Toyota Van (the first all-new Hiace in 15 years) has be re-designed from the ...

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Driving with Kangaroos on the Road in Australia

Driving with Kangaroos in Australia - The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

7 March 2019

The culling of kangaroos is currently a topical issue, and best left to others to debate, but with it being particularly dry in South Australia at the moment along with a couple of good breeding seasons, the kangaroo numbers are bigger now than they’ve been for some time.With two kangaroos to every ...

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4WD Toyota Landcruiser Traytop Mine Spec 5 Star Rated

Beepers, Lights and Everything in Between

28 February 2019

Every work site is a little different, but every work site’s hire vehicle and hire site safety accessory requirements while a little different, can be catered too.Rather than listing all that’s possible in the way of vehicle safety accessories (there are probably 15 to 20 options available) required...

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Complete Ute and Van Hire Helpful Tips Ute Hire Need to Know Tips

Rental Vehicle Industry, There’s Definitely No Secrets Here

25 June 2018

I don’t know about you but I like knowing exactly what I’m up for when I purchase anything … and I hate secret add-ons.Well welcome to the rental vehicle industry, an industry with a maze of secret add-on charges and smoke and mirror conditions.When booking a rental vehicle as difficult as it is, it...

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Staff Photo

Hiring a Vehicle? Let's Talk it Over

2 May 2018

Every now and again … stuff happens!Especially when you’re hiring a vehicle.  Well if stuff happens with us then we talk it over. We specialize in tradie and commercial vehicles and expect ‘stuff to happen‘.You’re in a tight parking spot and you scrape a hubcap … stuff happens.You’re loading a ladde...

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Complete Ute Van Hire Flinders Rangers

No Sharks in the Flinders Ranges

9 April 2018

So close to Adelaide, and an easy four hour drive puts you right at the start of the Flinders Ranges.Coffee is well priced, meals are cheap, groceries are good value and fuel is quite often about the same price as Adelaide - No Sharks!Load your boot with a couple of camp chairs and a table and an em...

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Article Tip 1 Car Hire Insurance Excess

Car Hire Insurance Excess’s

16 February 2018

Don’t be fooled. Often hire car companies will state your excess and then have exclusions written in the fine print. There are some 4WD hire companies that don’t even allow vehicles on dirt roads.What about this scenario? You might be driving along a bitumen country road and need to drive on an acce...

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Article Tip 2 4WD Spare Tyre

The importance of a spare tyre when hiring a 4WD

11 January 2018

If you are travelling anywhere outside of the metropolitan area you should have a full sized spare tyre. Many vehicles that might look like they can cope with dirt roads are fine, until you hear that dreaded pounding of a flat tyre.If you’re heading to country areas, then a full-sized spare is the a...

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