COMING SOON FOR RENT 2019 Toyota Hiace Van

Toyota 2019 Hiace Van, Coming Soon for Rent!


It’s brand new, with massive differences between it and the previous model and if it’s as reliable as the current model Hiace Van … then bring it on!

I have seen it, but not driven it, so my comments are speculative.

The new Toyota Van (the first all-new Hiace in 15 years) has be re-designed from the ground up, with a semi-bonnet (I call it a snub nose) which will greatly improve safety for both the driver and the passenger in the event of an accident.

The new bonnet design will also make maintenance faster and thus cheaper given the easier access to the motor.  We can only imagine replacing things like oil and air filters will be more simple and periodical checks of coolant and oil will be a lot more straight forward.

The new body design gives a lot of space between the driver and the front bumper, so you sit behind the engine and the mechanicals instead of on top of it.  As a result of this re-engineering I expect that it will be quieter too, and as an extra bonus I don’t think the floor should get as hot, hopefully making things more comfortable in the heat of summer.

2019 toyota hiace


The bottom edge of the front door is lower and comes with a wider step for easier access, while larger front door glass improves visibility

The rear load space appears to be wider but at this stage we are not sure if it’s as long as the old model … with a sliding door on both sides and a rear lift up door the cargo area access will be greatly improved.  It is rumoured that the cargo space will be capable of accepting an Australian standard pallet through the larger sliding side doors, but we haven’t tested it yet.

Mechanically, the Hiace adopts either the 3.5 litre petrol V6 (which is replacing the old 2.7 litre petrol engine) or the 2.8 litre four cylinder turbo diesel, which is the replacement for the old 3.0 litre diesel.  For the first time Complete Ute and Van Hire will be offering the diesel engine in all new Hiace models and all will have automatic transmission.

Old manual days are all but gone for a couple of reasons … Australia’s fascination with autos and the massive improvement in Automatic Transmissions reliability and performance.

With Toyota’s history and the improvements with safety technology we are fairly certain the new Hiace automatic will be as trouble free as every other Toyota vehicle, from the 2WD utes and vans right through to the big 4WD Wagons and Trays currently on fleet.

Cargo barriers and towbars will be standard offering on our van rental fleet with the towing capacities to be announced as soon as we have more information

As an added bonus, every all-new Hiace Van comes standard with a Smart 7” touchscreen multimedia system enabling you to navigate, make calls and choose your favourite music.

hiace performancetoyota hiace technology



Complete Ute and Van Hire can’t wait for the first of the all-new Hiace vans to arrive and we are confident that it will be the total hire vehicle solution for transporting whatever cargo our customers will be moving. For those daily drivers and couriers who spend countless hours in their work van, the new model van has also stepped up the safety, improved road noise reduction and made massive improvements in driver comfort.


Enjoy the new …