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Hiring a Vehicle? Let's Talk it Over


Every now and again … stuff happens!

Especially when you’re hiring a vehicle.  Well if stuff happens with us then we talk it over. 

We specialize in tradie and commercial vehicles and expect ‘stuff to happen‘.

You’re in a tight parking spot and you scrape a hubcap … stuff happens.

You’re loading a ladder into the back of a van and the rubber door seal pulls out … stuff happens.

You’re reversing up to your trailer and bump against it … stuff happens.

You forget to put your X lotto numbers in … sorry, can’t help you with that one!


Other car rental companies will see any little incident as an opportunity, and that rental van could end up costing you a lot more than you thought when you hand it back.

But we’re different here ……. obviously, we don’t welcome you with open arms if you purposely trash a van or ute, but we do expect some stuff to happen in the course of a rental.

In the event of a minor incident we talk it over, we polish out the mark at no charge, re-install the rubber at no charge or touch up the tow bar, again at no charge.

Another reason to consider using Complete Ute and Van Hire for your rental van, ute or 4-wheel drive.