Flinders Ranges 4WD Hire

Get out there and experience country South Australia


In these strange COVID times, now is the time to have a look in your own backyard. Smaller house blocks, townhouse and unit living have all seen the demise of the good old fashioned backyard.

Remember when you used to dig holes in the backyard, sleep outdoors, sit and marvel at the blue sky and eat freshly picked fruit off the backyard fruit trees. Well you can still do it, you just have to travel further to find the space.

Sure, plenty of you have camped out and experienced the South Australian country areas by camping in the Flinders, or sitting by the Murray River but it's time to tell friends… not only friends but it's time to tell workmates, siblings and anyone else out there who's sitting on their butt just thinking about it.

Within 3 hours you can be in the start of the Flinders Ranges and while once upon a time quality food was unreliable in some country areas, things have changed now.

The quality of produce has come a long way from the bad old days of dippy dogs, hot chips, toffee apples and traditional service station takeaway.

Recently I was in Blinman, a town that is in the far North of the Flinders and the selection of foods on offer was nothing short of amazing. Cakes and pastries baked on site, cold drinks and choices of coffee - just like in the big smoke but better.

Hawker with the Flinders Food Co, Parachilna and the pub for an up market treat of Kangaroo, camel or emu, or all of the above if you're game to try their famous Feral antipasto and then there's Quorn at the bottom end of the Flinders Ranges with several coffee shops, pubs and eateries.

The most convenient shopping area that I have found is the IGA in Quorn with a range as good as you would find anywhere. The local butcher shop in the town is also a beauty.

If you want to do a weekend jaunt and travel a little less distance there are places like Jamestown, Peterborough, which by the way has one of the best motor cycle museums going, Snowtown and Crystal Brook which are just off Highway 1, they are wonderfully preserved regional towns that welcome outsiders, and all make a good pitstop for a coffee, top up of fuel or just a leg stretch.

Accommodation rates are reasonable and caravan parks are well maintained - the Crystal Brook Caravan Parks shower block is brand spanking new, and I can tell you from experience it has great water pressure.

If you are planning a visit to the far North and the Flinders Ranges you might consider a four wheel drive hire vehicle. If you're considering a regional town to visit over an extended weekend you might consider a 12 seat bus or 8 seat people mover and get a gang together with an overnight bag each. Average 3 day price of a 12 seat bus for travelling around the regional areas (covering approximately 600kms) could cost as little as $40.00 per person, plus a share of the fuel. 

Minibus travel is not only efficient and comfortable but gives you the opportunity to share the view with friends.

No better time than now... grab a 4 wheel drive hire vehicle and get out and about or get your bus drivers hat on and call up some like minded city-stuck friends.