Horseshoe Rim 002

Explore Horseshoe Rim, South Australia


Given current circumstances people are flocking to South Australian destinations and experiencing all of the beauty our remote northern backyard has to offer.

I’ve done the same and have visited country and remote regions more frequently than ever before ... there’s nothing too difficult about a longish weekend holiday to the southern Flinders Ranges :)

Our last little jaunt was to Quorn which is a long-time favourite, and this time round we took in the Horseshoe Rim 4WD Adventure track … a privately owned property, east of Quorn, offering a self-drive 4WD option where you will experience great views, get to drive on some awesome off road tracks and see some local wildlife … and best of all it’s very easy to get to and even easier to arrange.

Call first and speak to Susan (bookings are essential) on 0428 486 438 or 08 8648 6438 or visit for more info and a contact email address to tee up a time to visit. Drive a few kms out of Quorn, pop in, pay up and grab a gate key.

You’ll be given a clear map and an idea of what to expect.

Given the tracks on offer and the steep climbs I expect it would be most comfortable for experienced 4 wheel drivers … having said that, the property you visit is in wonderful condition and there is lots to see if you’re not ready to “drive to the sky“.

Allow yourself a few hours to complete all the tracks but again, if gnarly steep uphill roads are not your thing then it’s still great value. As an alternative park in some of the magnificent remote surrounds, sip a cool drink, have a snack and take in the ambience … you could even practice your bird calls. The property is also dotted with walking trails, allowing a different perspective on the magnificent views.

The road to and from the property passes through neighbouring farming areas and I would think it goes without saying that all respect should be shown while driving the dirt roads and passing through areas with livestock in paddocks.

Spooking sheep is not cool so drive slowly, and driving on anything but the maintained roads suggested on the map is also not the right thing to do.

The 4 wheel drive community are visiting these types of properties more than anytime before, and for it to continue it’s critical  for us all to show respect while driving the roads and ensure any rubbish taken in is taken out.

You may have your own 4 wheel drive, and even if you don’t need one yourself, think about asking a friend who wishes they had a 4 wheel drive but don’t.  Hiring a Four Wheel Drive is a great option. You just might be able to put them in touch with us for a no obligation quote on a rental four wheel drive that is absolutely allowed off road.

Choose from Complete Four Wheel Drive Hire’s huge range of Toyota’s including Prado, Hilux and the basic but legendary 70 Series Landcruiser.

There’s something great about sharing your 4WD skills with friends and introducing them to a South Australian experience that is sure to stay with them forever.

Add another destination to the list and drive Horseshoe Rim … and if you need call Complete Ute and Van Hire on 8234 1300 for an off road hire vehicle.