adelaide airport

Hello Adelaide Airport


While this little article will never get a vehicle on rent it’s a story worth telling. Recently I had the opportunity to fly interstate and left myself plenty of time just in case the rumours of chaos at the Australian Airports were true.

Two hours prior to my flight should be plenty I thought and guess what … it was nowhere near enough time.  In fact I should have allowed myself three hours at least.

Now you might not have flown anywhere recently because of Covid and the unfortunate restrictions, but I’m here to tell you … you don’t need to fly to experience one of Adelaide’s best kept local, most professional, eating and shopping precincts, which is Adelaide Airport … ta daaaa.  

Once bags were checked in, and the security process complete we intended to make our way to the gate and pass the time by entering into a Google/Facebook spiral (as everyone seems to do these days).  

Well as we left the security area it was sitting there staring us in the face … there were eateries and drinking choices everywhere. Eateries such as Penfolds Bar and Kitchen, Southern Providore, Muffin Break and The Pantry, Soul Origin, The Precinct Adelaide Kitchen and most recently opened 100 Miles Kitchen & Bar just to name a few. And not to forget the Coopers Alehouse with a fresh new look!

Shops including Ripcurl, Shades and JB Hi-Fi, beautifully presented with colour and lights a plenty.

Not too far away was the newsagency with every snack you might imagine and every newspaper book and magazine that you might ever want … and very well stocked too.

Airports of the past were dark and gloomy, there were very few choices and if you’re not old enough to know or don’t have a good enough memory to remember, Sundays were a very popular time to visit. Because of liquor licencing restrictions, the old Adelaide Airport was about the only place you could have a beer on a Sunday afternoon.

Back then there was minimal choice and in fact while there were massive improvements made once the new one was built, the choice now is next level and the quality of food and beverage is right up there with some of the best precincts in Adelaide.

The Vickers Vimy (our famous local vintage piece) is getting a new home within the Airport precinct also, but they may be a little while before it’s finished.  New shops are on the horizon as well

And there are still new things to come which will add to the already vibrant feel of the terminal.

If you’re flying out allow yourself enough time to take in a meal or a drink … and if you’re returning from interstate think about how lucky we are to have such a modern, well equipped airport to call our own.  

Even if you’re not intending to fly then maybe just visit there and check it out.  Eat, drink and people watch while enjoying free views of our city, hills area and a working tarmac.