Hire Vehicle for the Snow Complete Ute and Van Hire

Can I take one of Complete Ute and Van Hire’s hire vehicles to the snow country?


Of course you can, but we suggest it would be best if you rented one of our Four Wheel Drive vehicles.  We also suggest when travelling to one of Australia’s Alpine areas it is also that you should be prepared for all weather conditions as the conditions can change with very little warning.

If you chose to hire one of the vehicles in Complete Ute and Van Hire’s 4WD range you can be guaranteed of a fair amount of luggage space.  To maximise your storage (and carry all of that ski equipment) we also offer Roof Racks to suit both our 4WD Wagons and 4WD Dual Cabs as an optional extra.

Driving in the High Country requires some preparation prior to travelling and care definitely needs to be taken in poor weather.  Icy or snow covered roads can be slippery and hazardous and of course it is suggested that you fit chains.  Having mentioned this we’re not experts in this field and quite possibly chains may only be needed in extreme conditions.  Sometimes engaging 4 wheel drive is all that is required to continue along the icy road so for this reason we recommend you speak to the locals for advice on whether chains are required and if so what size or type you need, and should you need to use them, a local supplier should fit them up.

Checking whether or not your vehicle needs to have anti-freeze added to the radiator coolant may be another consideration before travelling.  A lot of the vehicles today have the anti-freeze already added but it’s worth confirming before you head up the mountains.

Check all of your headlights and indicator lights are working before you set off (you would hope that being a hire car from Complete Ute and Van Hire this would be a given but you can never be too well prepared).  In areas of low visibility drive with your lights on low beam, and if your are forced to stop for any reason be sure to use your hazard lights.

Once you hit the frosty weather a foggy windscreen on the inside is almost guaranteed, creating poor visibility for the driver.  The fogging is caused by moisture condensing on the inner surface so science suggests It is best to select the air conditioner and run the heater in tandem.  This dry air will flow over the windscreen sucking further moisture of the glass.

This may seem obvious but it’s a good idea to slow down.  Wet icy roads can greatly impact your cars ability to slow down or stop.  Keep an appropriate distance between yourself and the car in front of you is also recommended.

While other Car Rental companies offer “Snow Cover” for an additional fee somewhere in the vicinity of $22/day, be assured that this cover is included in Complete Ute and Van Hire’s standard insurance policy.

Any questions or concerns, pick up the phone, email or visit us at Complete Ute and Van Hire 125 Holbrooks Road Underdale South Australia.

At the end of it all, it's ok to travel to the snow ... just be sure to pack your thermals!