Article Tip 3 Goolwa Beach

Driving Goolwa Beach


Driving to the Murray mouth is not as daunting as you might think. If your travelling around the Fleurieu peninsula then make it a must do!

Most importantly check the tides, we recommend using Willy Weather as its easy, just type in Goolwa and set your time to travel along the beach to the Murray mouth when the tide is at its lowest.

Lowering the tyre pressure to 20 – 25lb before you hit the sand is a good idea.
Its approximately 13 Kilometres from the Goolwa kiosk to the Murray Mouth itself. The first 8-10 kms is usually pretty easy, but don’t get too comfortable and casual, as the last 3-4 kms can be slow and the sand is thick and chopped up.

You may see people fishing, soaking up the view or if you are lucky you might see a seal or two.
The return trip is easy along the same way you travelled earlier. When you get back into Goolwa, you will find service stations to re-inflate your tyres and a great kiosk at the beach front to grab a cool drink or bite to eat.