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Rental Vehicle Industry, There’s Definitely No Secrets Here


I don’t know about you but I like knowing exactly what I’m up for when I purchase anything … and I hate secret add-ons.

Well welcome to the rental vehicle industry, an industry with a maze of secret add-on charges and smoke and mirror conditions.

When booking a rental vehicle as difficult as it is, it’s most important to try and compare apples with apples.  

Leader rates such as "rental vehicles available from $XX.XX (some ridiculously low price)" are often advertised, only to find when you arrive to collect the vehicle you are met with:

I’m sure there are others that I’m not aware of … but please, give me a break!

When questioned, rental companies that charge add-ons will reply with “well you have a choice“.  Yeah great, but how is a choice possible when you have pre-planned your trip and your standing at the counter ready to go.  Let’s face it, queuing with a line-up of people behind you is definitely not the time to be negotiating.

So, that happens next?  You pay the money, complain to friends and feel ripped off.

What the industry doesn’t realise is that for every bad customer experience, it’s one more person who might catch an Uber or taxi next time they’re in town.  Bad experiences affect the industry not just that particular rental company.

You won’t find hidden charges or secret exclusions when making an enquiry with us.  A matter of fact our rates are not advertised and that’s not so the opposition companies get the low down on what we’re doing.  It’s because each individual customer has different needs so preparation of our utes, vans and four-wheel drives, along with the equipment we might fit, varies dependent on where the customer intends to travel and/or what the vehicle will be used for.  

Our excesses on 4-wheel drives seems huge and we don’t hide behind the fact, but … be assured that the excess quoted is your absolute maximum liability … try asking the others a couple of these questions:

Can I drive at night?  If I do, am I covered if I hit a kangaroo? … it’s an absolute yes from us, your excess is your maximum liability.

If I forget to use the handbrake and roll down a hill and damage another vehicle or property am I covered? … it’s definitely a yes from us, your excess is your maximum liability.

Am I covered If I damage the roof after driving under a tree? … again, it’s an unconditional yes from us, your excess is your maximum liability.

But wait there’s more … rumor has is that some car rental companies won’t cover you if the vehicle is moving … seriously?

Call us, email us, Facebook us ... or you can still fax us if that’s your preferred method of communication … and ask as many questions as you need.

While we try and minimise incidents, and accidents are mostly avoidable by slowing down and driving with care, it’s critically important that you are fully aware of your responsibilities in the unlikely event that something bad happens.